Innovative technologies

Santa Marina Immobiliare Venezia is a dynamic and strongly characterized by a strong innovation, while retaining the most influential features of the national and foreign real estate traditions. Every day, the most suitable channels and the most powerful technologies are studied and managed to ensure maximum visibility and penetration to the properties we promote. Let's look at the technologies and channels used together:

  • Placement on the website
    The property is advertised on the internet, with the possibility of being promoted and presented in multiple languages. The announcement of each property contains a comprehensive and exhaustive description, numerous high-resolution photographs, video services, planimeters with designs and graphic design of interior furnishings and map positioning.
  • Placement on many real estate web portals
    We distribute our real estate listings on approximately 180 sites across search portals and search engines in Italy and abroad. Our advertisements are always among the first in the search pages of the major Italian and foreign real estate portals such as:,,, Villas & Casali,,, ,, etc ... This is because of the constant, scrupulous, and attentive management and control of each ad, with numerous details of the announcement such as photographs and planimetries, but above all the total number of published ads.
  • Sponsored links on search engines
    We also believe in pay-per-click sponsored pay-per-click links. In fact, through them, you can get in touch with millions of potential customers just as they are looking for their dream home, showing relevant ads at the top or on the right side of the search results page.
  • Photographic service
    Realization of a great photographic service, even professional, which allows to present the property in a detailed and realistic way. The impact of images becomes more and more important to those looking for a house on the web, while, on the contrary, an advertisement that has no chance of being seen can not be seen: the image is worth more than a thousand words
  • Realtour Service
    This highly innovative service, thanks to the realization of 360 ° photographs of the interior of your property, allows you to realize a real guided virtual tour, reducing your "void" visits and optimizing your time.
  • Cartographic search (google and others)
    It allows prospective buyers to locate exactly the location of the property and to what distance it places with respect to the main services, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, schools or places of culture and work.
  • Mailing list
    This activity enables you to immediately inform the new offers of all colleagues, collaborators, professionals, customers and all potential buyers in the Santa Marina Immobiliare Venezia group database
  • Social media
    Among the innovative activities we develop, we also have our own professionals, those who control the so-called "social media". We have Blogs, we have the Facebook page and Twitter account with which we interact real-time with current and potential customers.
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