House book

The first step, after signing the mediation assignment, consists in the historical research of the building's regularity and urbanization of the property, as a guarantee of both the seller and the buyer. This analysis consists in the comparison between the legitimized state and the state of the property with any historical research in order to represent the transformations that took place in the past years. This will highlight any differences that can be remedied, even with the assistance of our trusted architects. We can thus avoid having unpleasant inconveniences that can lead to suspension, or worse, to cancel the negotiation. In addition, it is our job to check that all the facilities are in accordance with the law, whether the administrator is present or not, and any arrears of condominiums, if there are resolutions or permissions, and if there are special law restrictions. We do the measurement of all the property, cadastral and mortgage inspections, we ensure the presence or not of the certificate of agility and we are able, thanks to our experts, to carry out certificates of energy certification etc. All of these activities allow us to produce "The Book of the House", a kind of "Passport" or "Manual" that contains the results of the aforementioned verifications and analyzes, an absolute novelty for the Italian real estate sector.

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